Over Exposed?

Reduce your radiation exposure in everyday life?

From headphones to mobiles and Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, we are inevitably exposed to radiation every single day. While we may not be able to eliminate exposure completely, wellness expert Lou Tassell shares her top tips on limiting exposure for you and your family... 

"I am sharing this insight with you, firstly as a parent of a 12-year-old who is part of the tech generation and secondly as a wellness practitioner, who sees imbalances in the body most days of the week when treating clients. There are many research papers out there that discuss the negative impact of radiation from mobile devices, computers and Wi-Fi on our health, and there are those that will argue it is not a serious problem.

"The reality is that our body was not built to be exposed to these signals. The additional energy burden creates extra stress on the body that disrupts and creates imbalances in the body. Some are more sensitive to others, particularly children, who absorb it much more than adults, which is why parents and pregnant ladies need to know about these risks.

"I see this energy as an invisible toxin. Devices are constantly switched on in many places - in your home, office, car, shops and schools. Every time you use a device or have one near you, you are being exposed to the signals. The bad news is that we can’t eliminate our exposure, or our children’s, however, the good news is that my suggestions below can help reduce the exposure for you and your family:

  • Limit unnecessary usage of wireless devices/PC signals (including Bluetooth,  Wi-Fi)
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and devices when you are not using them, especially overnight
  • Sit at a table when using a device, avoid having them on your lap
  • Never have devices near you or charging when you are sleeping - and never under your pillow
  • Do not carry devices in pockets, keep devices away from the body
  • Use air tube headphones (standard headphones have metal in so take radiation from your phone to your brain)
  • Consider other anti-radiation devices such as phone cases, tablet barriers which can reduce levels of exposure. I currently use Vest www.vesttech.com (who are US based, and have great information on their website) and www.healthy-house.co.uk/electro
  • Do not hold the mobile phone close to your head, use the speaker instead
  • Do not place your ear to the phone when the phone is connecting
  • Avoid using your phone in low signal areas
  • Buy devices to test the levels in your home and electrical equipment

"Creating new habits through these small changes will help to limit your daily exposure to radiation. Why not give them a go?"

If you would like to discuss this further or to get real insight into your body's sensitivities and imbalances through bioresonance testing, Lou is available at bhuti every Wednesday.

Contact Lou on 07966 502611 to find out more about bioresonance testing and get 4 sessions. 

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