Entering The Void Through Yoga Nidra

By Justine Nagaur, founder of Aurora Facets Transformational Healing ©

There are many layers to yoga Nidra and states that we can embrace, but the one that many desire to enter is the space of the void. What is that I hear you ask.

It is the space that Yogis sought to achieve and they created the asanas in order to sit long enough to reach this place of bliss. So it really encompasses the whole of what yoga is about.

It is the 4th stage of consciousness, beyond the Delta stage. It is the between place, where we become without thought and are graced with the opportunity to meet our soul self. It is a place to surrender and to just be, time is immeasurable, it is as if floating in space, there are no boundaries and therefore anything is possible.

Here is a beautiful piece written by yogi Sri Aurobindo, who described the void in The Life Divine.

"A silence, an entry into a wide or even immense or infinite emptiness is part of the inner spiritual experience…this silence is the silence of the spirit which is the condition of a greater knowledge, power and bliss, and this emptiness is the emptying of the cup of our natural being, a liberation of it from its turbid contents so that it may be filled with the wine of God; it is the passage not into non-existence but to a greater existence.

We can enter this state through Yoga Nidra with practice, for some it comes quickly, others it might take a little more time, but the journey to get there is sublime and healing in itself."

If you wish to take this journey of deep rest and continuous healing,I will be holding a four month series, working with yoga Nidra, sacred healing sound, healing circles, guided imagery and the moon cycles, starting September the 8th, 8 sessions over 4 months, fortnightly on zoom.

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TOP TIP:In order to make the most out of any meditative experience, especially yoga Nidra, you are recommended to pre set up your space, make sure you are not going to be disturbed, if online use headphones and have an eye mask ready to encourage you to drop within and move away from the distractions of external influences. It is also great to take 20 minutes to stretch, low level movement to start to wind down, so you are fully prepared to power down during your yoga Nidra experience.

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