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Everyone Can Meditate

5th-26th June 

If our thoughts create our reality, and experience then Meditation is the ultimate life changing wellness tool. A way of detoxing the mind, but also heightening our intuition, and what’s available if you want it is to be able to transcend it into higher states of consciousness.

Each week we will discuss the theory of the meditative process, follow simple instruction into meditation, meditate together for 20 minutes and have a short sharing to discuss what has been revealed. Most importantly have some guidance on how to continue the practice daily at home.

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Learn To Channel

If you need guidance, clarity and direction and find yourself reaching out to tarot cards, psychics and mediums then this masterclass is for you!

There are really easy methods to strengthen your intuitive muscle and I bet somewhere along the way you are searching or getting scrambled with what you should be doing.

It is far easier than you think it is and most people are psychic yet have not channeled their connection properly.

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