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Journey To Joy Retreat Marrakesh

Journey to Joy 

living joyfully no matter what...
25th-30th January 2024

Experience a shift back home to yourself, where you can let go, and LIVE with love and joy.

A retreat, especially one overseas affords limitless possibility for transformation as we stop, get still, and listen to the whispers of our soul - to come back home to ourselves. 

Life can seem overwhelming at times and finding true joy can be elusive.

At the foot of the Atlas Hills in a beautiful space in Marrakech, you will get to explore new parts of you, reconnect with heart's desires, and discover the boundless joy, giving you so much space and freedom to live the life of your dreams.

Marrakech's vibrant souks, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality provide the perfect backdrop for your personal transformation. Our Riad, is a beautifully dedicated yoga studio, a place well used for healing, with a traditional hamam for treatments and delicious nourishing and healthy Morrocan food.

In free time you can choose to stay and relax or lose yourself in the bustling Medina, immerse in the scents and colors of the markets, and rejuvenate your spirit in the serene gardens and palaces.

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Way Of Joy Programmes

01 — Way Of Joy - 1:1
Programmes for transformation

Bespoke lifestyle transformation for you - mind, body and soul using a blend of ancient and modern practices.
Following an 8 step path guiding you through-
Inner work | understanding coping mechanisms | assessing thoughts | emotions, energy | purpose | relationships| giving back |
to rediscover or create even more joy in the world for you, your family, community and the world.
Not just therapy, or yoga, or energetic healing but a combination of practices to create deep healing, and personal growth.

02 — Way Of Joy - group programme
From Sunday 5th November | 7.30-9pm
Sunday nights online (replay possible)
Intensive 4 week group for you to discover your joy

An introductory 4 weeks to the 8 step programme creating a bespoke lifestyle transformation for you - mind, body and soul using a blend of ancient and modern practices, neuroscience and intuitive healing to guide you back home to joy.

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Learn To Meditate Daily

Mondays 6th-27th November

If our thoughts create our reality, and experience then Meditation is the ultimate life changing wellness tool. A way of detoxing the mind, but also heightening our intuition, and what’s available if you want it is to be able to transcend it into higher states of consciousness.

Each week we will discuss the theory of the meditative process, follow simple instruction into meditation, meditate together for 20 minutes and have a short sharing to discuss what has been revealed. Most importantly have some guidance on how to continue the practice daily at home.

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