Moon, Crystal and Energy Tips for the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces on the 21st September 2021 



Moon, Crystal and Energy Tips for the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces on the 21st September 2021

by Justine Nagaur, founder of Aurora Facets

We are soon to be moving into the beautiful Full Moon in Pisces, on Tuesday the 21st September.  

Many of you might have set intentions from the New Moon we have just passed through and you will be pleased that this Full Moon almost gives us an extension of time for these manifestations to take place with it being a Harvest Moon.

This means that this full moon rises at nearly the same time around sunset for several evenings in a row, which for the farmers would give extra evenings of moonlight allowing them to finish their harvest, and for us our manifestations to blossom.  

Though Pisces is a water sign, where we can delve into our feeling senses, our energy needs to be anchored boldly down through our root, our feet chakras which often are not discussed as much to hold tight into the ground, our Earth Star Chakra.  

How can we ensure that we do  this?  

Really creating some conscious mindful movements with one’s feet, spending time on our toes, perhaps a foot massage, or better still some reflexology as we reflect the end points of our meridians and many nerves through the soles of our feet, which distributes our release of energy into the ground.  A great time for some foot tlc time.  

For crystals we can also hone into our psychic sense which can be especially heightened at this time, amethyst is my number one pick for amplifying this and we can use it through either holding it in our left hand whilst meditating or placing on our third eye.  

Please ensure all your crystals are cleansed energetically and physically before use.  You can find out how to do this through my blog at

Meanwhile if you wish to know more about the Moon, how to manage your energy through these amazing cycles and related crystals please join my ‘Sleeping with the Moon Series’ online which you can find here.  

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Full Moon Blessings Justine xxx

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