Orgasms are key to your health - Caroline D'Arcy

Orgasms are key to your health – here’s why:

What’s your party trick? Mine is, I can tell what you’re like in bed.

In my 20s, I thought I had a special, clairvoyant, skill.

In my 30s I studied somatic sexology, and dove into how women’s bodies and libidos really worked combined with my own personal development journey, I learned that you have the same patterns of behaviour in the bedroom, as out. In money, business, in food, in health.

How you do sex is how you do life.

So, it wasn’t just my guardian angel that protected me from bad sex.

But it goes deeper than this, when sex is separate, something that happens behind closed doors ‘when two people love each other… to make babies.’ *eye roll*

Having sex in this sperate box is not only damaging to our libido, but cut’s off our most direct line to pleasure, and pleasure is key to your health.

When pleasure is last on your to-do list, when you have to ‘earn’ your self-care, when everyone else’s needs are before your own… aka living in a world of self-sacrifice, otherwise being a ‘good person’. Burn out becomes normal, anxiety and depression are every day occurrences.

Bodies are amazing. They have their own way of producing everything we need.

Time for a little sex-geekery:

When you experience joy, pleasure and ecstasy the endothelial linings of your blood vessels produce the gas nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is the uber- neurotransmitters that balances out the feel-good chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, and beta endorphin. The same that so many women try to balance out with anti-depressant medication.

It takes filling your cup first to a whole new level.

When that pleasure is orgasm flavoured, your body also creates a rush of oxytocin, the bonding hug-in-a-mug flavour hormone, that helps you feel connected and part of something.

To put it simply, orgasmic pleasure is designed to stop you getting depressed and lonely.

This is so important especially with the events of the last year.

Are you ready to put pleasure first?

If this is resonating, and you are ready to reclaim a year (or more) of lost sex, join our resident Sexpert, Caroline D’Arcy for very special online workshop that teaches you how feel turned on and create deep, meaningful connection, even after a year of yoga pants and Netflix

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* Caroline D’Arcy is a Sexologist, Coach and Founder of , the home of SOUL-LED SEX-ED for women . She has been featured in Killing Kittens, Nourish Life, Sex+zine and more.

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