bhuti 'my sanctuary'

bhuti 'my sanctuary'

I first came to bhuti nearly 3 years ago... I hadn't left my son once (he was 6 months old), I was suffering with post natal depression and in agony as had had major spinal surgery 4 weeks before I got pregnant.  I couldn't imagine ever feeling 'right' or happy again and doubted I'd ever be able to return to work.  My husband had booked me a spa day and I did a class before the day started.  Something in me changed from that moment and I've never looked back.  It was the first time I really connected with yoga (and with myself).  Thanks to bhuti and the incredible teachers there I have managed to go back to work, I feel more at home in my body and mind than ever before and that has carried over to everyone in my life.  The ripple effect of yoga never ceases to blow my mind.  bhuti literally saved my life.

I've watched bhuti change from what I felt was a 'yoga studio' to a wellbeing sanctuary with something for everyone however you are feeling and whoever you are with truly the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.  Every massage or treatment I've ever had at bhuti has been a nurturing and amazing experience and I am so grateful.  bhuti really has been my happy place and my sanctury and I've made some amazing friends too.

Lucy Lewis, working mum and  bhuti member

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