The Inbetweeners on the Road less travelled

The Inbetweeners on the Road less travelled

The Place where you are right now God circled on a map for you. “Hafiz”

We are living through times of unprecedented change; individually, collectively, nationally, globally. We are experiencing huge transformations. We are asking ourselves all of the big questions; how best to live our lives, what to devote our time and energy to, how to share our gifts and talents.  

What we really want to know is how to serve our soul’s highest mission in this lifetime. According to the Buddhist teachings, before we incarnate we are fully aware of our life’s purpose until we pass through ‘the river of forgetting’ when we are born. It is our life’s work to remember what we came here to do!

As we shift from the old paradigm, dominated by patriarchal systems towards the new Aquarian Age, the era of the divine feminine, forging the new path forward can sometimes feel hazardous or unstable and we can fall into fear or doubt. We tend to look back to find solutions, yet this is outdated and too much has changed. We have to push forward with faith, belief, love, creativity and inspiration to play our part in building a new world.  We can never stand in the same river twice.

I seem to be having very similar conversations with friends, family, even strangers at the moment! This conundrum isn’t exclusive to Generation Xers -  Millennials and Baby Boomers are just as easily afflicted. A lot of people are at a crossroads, really examining with a fine toothcomb all areas of their lives; relationships, careers, dreams and visions. With infinite choice comes infinite fear of taking the wrong choice, which can keep us in a state of paralysis.

If we remove the sense of gravity from the equation and just focus on taking the next right move with an open heart, with faith, with curiosity, we can move forwards with grace and peace, safe in the knowledge that everything is perfect. We are always divinely guided and there is no such thing as a right or wrong move. We are exactly where we need to be to learn the lessons of our soul’s highest growth, at that particular point in time.  

For new things to be created we must be at ease with letting the old fall away. We are continually living through cycles of creation and destruction. In the west we are constantly trying to safe proof our lives with constructs of “stability” rather than being at ease with the fact that life is essentially unstable and if we can live comfortably on the edge of change, if we can make friends with uncertainty, if we can be easy bedfellows with constant evolution then our lives will flow much more easily. If we can find our security internally, if we know that we can return “home” at any time by re-connecting with our breath, our inner selves, universal love, eternity, then our lives will flow much better.

Earlier this year the spiritual teacher Matt Kahn was speaking about the division between those of us who prefer endings and those who prefer new beginnings. I definitely love new beginnings, but I’m not so comfortable with endings. It’s really an interesting idea to ponder. It’s natural that those of us brought up in western societies, which essentially function on the premise that consumerism will distract us from the truth of our own mortality, will have a harder time with endings.

Matt also brings up the importance of striking the right balance between appreciating what we already have whilst striving towards our visions, objectives and goals. If we are always living in the future, we will cause ourselves a lot of pain by energising the lack of that which we seek.

Last week about six people suggested that we should go and colonise a new island, to start a new community. A close friend and I have great fun imagining “Sparkle Planet”, (Perhaps Karl Lagerfeld has headed there to start setting up the sartorial sparkle, possibly sharing a glass of vintage Bolly with Bowie and Prince)!

Barbarella fantasies aside, we have an opportunity to create Sparkle Planet on THIS Earth. We all signed up to come here at this time for a particular reason, with a particular soul mission. It’s time for us to step into our power, to shine the light so brightly that others can find their way forward, to BE the change, to create the new path. We can all take comfort in the fact that this is a universal phenomenon, which is touching all of us at the moment. We can all support, help and encourage each other through these times. So speak your heart’s truth, live in your authenticity and share that special expression of life that only YOU can!

by bhuti member

Alex Morris, Chief Sparkle Officer at GLOMAD ethical luxury resortwear

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