Moon, Crystal and Energy Tips for the upcoming New Moon in Libra on the 6th October 2021

Moon, Crystal and Energy Tips for the upcoming New Moon in Libra on the 6th October 2021  by Justine Nagaur, founder of Aurora Facets ©


We move swiftly on from the powerful Autumn Equinox in September, into Libra month which has its New Moon October the 6th, bringing us the air sign, centred around the heart.

Being a typical Libran myself I find myself drawn to create balance, which you might yourself at this time find pings your interest.  There is however an element of not wanting to disturb the peace and so keeping quiet or retreating sometimes is the modus operandi.  If this is resonating you are called to step into the space of sharing what your true feelings and being your authentic self.

How can we do this?

Self-love is first and foremost in this instance the number one ally that can help you step into this space.  We’ve all heard of self-love before and probably associate it with having a lovely bath, taking some time out and these are all good, but to dive deeper it is also about accepting all aspects of ourselves.  For instance, when did you last undress, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful?  Did gremlins come up for you?  Think about how you would talk to a friend should she/he/they do this, and treat yourself with the same love and nurturing that you would her/him/them.  When did you last want to try something, yet that voice in your head told you, you weren’t clever enough or good enough or the many other reasons that we throw at ourselves not to do something or to step out of our safety nets?  Once again, it is creating a healthy dialogue with that voice if it becomes prominent and in a 1:1 session with myself I can help you with that, you can find me at Bhuti on Wednesdays and the booking link is here.

However, a starting point can be to journal your thoughts, those voices, step away and get a more rational perspective of what just came into your mind.

Another lovely way is to work with crystals.  This month I am drawn to rose quartz, the popular crystal that resonates with self-love, forgiveness, opening up of the heart chakra to create deep inner healing, balance within friendships and peace.  It is also of support during times of grief and imbuing your environment with loving vibes.

Make sure your crystals are always energetically cleansed before using them.  You can pop by my blog at to read up on the cleansing article I wrote there.  

How to use rose quartz for this New Moon?

As always meditation is wonderful, either hold in your left hand or place over your heart.  If you are drawn to place it somewhere else that is fine too.  You could also have it by your bed or carry a small one in your pocket.  I always advise wrapping them in a tissue so they don’t get scratched.  Develop a relationship with your crystal, ask it questions whilst you meditate, one such question particular to this time could be “where in my body needs the most love?”

You can also chant the mantra “aham prema” or “I am love” using a mala.  If you don’t have a mala or know how to use them, I create bespoke malas and run activation and information workshops on how to use them.  Simply pop me an email at

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