Moon, Crystal and Energy Tips for the upcoming Full Moon in Aries on 20th October 2021

Though we are coming into a full moon, a time when we can feel ‘full’ of energy, ready to go, full to overflowing sometimes for some, ready to explode even for some and can adapt a ‘go getter’ mentality, a ‘gung ho’ approach, we are asked at this time to ‘slow down’.

How can we do this?

This is a time to be mindful, not to rush things through, take a deep breath and become present.

A few great ways to become present and more mindful are:

  • Literally slow down physically, stop rushing. Stop multi-tasking, focus on one ‘job’, ‘action’ at a time.
  • Eat mindfully, this means slow down, chew more times than usual, 32 times is a bandied about amount for this.
  • On the food topic, when did you last appreciate your food fully?  Do you gobble it down without hardly looking at it.  Mindful eating with a small piece of food can be a great experience.  Try it with a raisin or small piece of chocolate, first of all smell it, look at it, feel it, then put it on your tongue, keep it there as long as you can without biting it, see how this makes you feel.  For me that one small piece of chocolate became exquisite and I didn’t get tempted by the whole bar!
  • If you struggle to lessen your screen time, literally take the phone and put it in a drawer somewhere so you aren’t tempted to pick it up.  
  • Go out for a walk without it. Move….yep that’s right.  A walk. 
  • Mindful yoga flow. 
  • Dip in cold water.
  • Spend time in nature.

Crystal Tips

Tactile Mindfulness

The shape of a crystal can help one become more mindful.  Using palm stones, smooth round, flat, oblong shapes which some also call ‘worry stones’ allow one when you hold them to be more at peace.  They remind you stay in the present moment.

Visual Mindfulness

If you have a translucent crystal that you can see through you can also become mindful with this in a non tactile way, through crystal gazing.  This can be a wonderful experience if you allow yourself to sit in a quiet space, picking a crystal that might have many different shapes, colour spectrums and some almost have a magical city within.  It is incredible the different images that you mind will find within these kinds of earths treasures. Charoite is a wonderful crystal to help you stay in the present moment.  It encourages acceptance both of others and yourself, better perspective, allowing you to simply ‘be as you are’.

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