A gentle detox to herald the festive season

By Seema Chaudhary, Naturopathic Nutritionist

The ending of autumn evokes a time of change. We see another year draw closer to winter, as the leaves gently settle on the ground, and the crisp, cold mornings become more frequent.


This change can augment the way for merriment and mirth as Christmas comes nearer and we enjoy the glitz and glamour of the holiday period. And what better time then now for reflection and regeneration.A good time indeed for a gentle health and wellbeing detox.

Eating seasonally
Seeing the earth wax and wane in this way reminds us to dance with the seasons. It also reminds us to eat seasonally, where possible. It’s a good excuse to imbibe a vibrant hue of splendid tones into our meals. Colours like the red in cranberries evoke all that is part of the festive season. Indeed, adding more berries of every kind, with their richness of vitamin C to ward of the winter sniffles, is simple to do, while humble apples and pears are a mainstay to keep the doctor at bay.

A day of heart-warming seasonal broths, soups and stews can offer up a complete meal. Simply add a quality protein like lentils or tofu. Seasonal carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, cabbage, broccoli, leeks, kale and parsnips can kickstart our own friendly natural killer cells to boost the immune system; a protection against seasonal viruses. Let’s not forget pumpkins for their boost to vitamin A. It is a vital antioxidant not to be left out, even though we are past Halloween.

Dry falling leaves in the autumn also remind us of the importance of our own hydration. A morning glass or two of warm water with lemon juice will set the day and reset the metabolism. I say warm water because this will gently nourish rather than shock your vital organs during the colder climate.

Mind, body and soul
For a mindset detox, a symbolic act may help your outlook. This might entail some deep restorative decluttering, or finding some dry, crisp leaves from the park, writing down past negative emotions on them, then crumbling the leaves to dust for the wind to carry away. It is important to reflect, let go…and breathe! To give ourselves an hour before bedtime to get into a good sleep hygiene regime. Take some space and time to be you! Just as we respect the changing seasons, so then we must respect the movement from day to night.


We can limit blue light from screen use at this time too. Paving the way for sleep with a warm bath or even journaling can be restorative. We give our youngsters a warm bath to set them up for sleep, so why not ourselves. And inadvertently, in this quiet meditative time, as we prepare for sleep, we also begin to renourish our souls.

Here are my 5 top tips for a seasonal detox:

-Add seasonal berries like cranberries and raspberries

-Have a day of warm soups, broth and stews

-Hydrate with a morning glass of warm water and lemon juice

-Journal or declutter to release old negative wounds

-Take a warm bath with no blue light from screens before bed

Seema Chaudhary
Naturopathic Nutritionist

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