Moon, Crystal and Energy Tips for the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio on 4th November 2021

by Justine Nagaur, founder of Aurora Facets ©

Any new moon calls for us to slow down as we approach the ‘dark moon’ a time of retreating within and tapping into our inner wisdom, retreating as they say and moving into the new period after the New Moon of growth.

This is the time when we can plant those seeds again.

However, on top of this we are moving through Samhain, the turning of the wheel, some of you might know it as Halloween.  This is when the thinning of the veil occurs, a time to commune with our Ancestors, to give thanks, to receive wisdom and heal.  We invite you to join us for Samhain on the 31st at Bhuti in our Samhain Shamanic Tea Ceremony, Ancestral blessings & journeying event, you can purchase tickets here:  Samhain Shamanic Tea Ceremony, Ancestral blessings & journeying event

Moving into the winter we are experiencing the longer dark nights, it is when nature slows down, you will see decay amongst many of the plants, going eventually back to Mother Earth, where the seeds slumber until Spring.

Though this might sound like doom and gloom it is not, I invite you to pivot this around and see what you can learn from this period?

What can we learn?

This is a wonderful opportunity to take stock of all your achievements and write them down, create a ‘brag list’ something visible so that you can easily slip into that state of gratitude.

At this time we are being called in to cultivate our own inner wisdom, this means upping your meditation, or bringing in some reflective time, even 1 minute is better than nothing, deepen your spiritual self-practice, you can also join me in my Moon Circle fortnightly to embrace this.

Invite transformation into your life, to evolve as a seed over this period, as you delve into deeper states of consciousness perhaps through meditation, you will gain those insights to evolve both personally and professionally in your life.  Let them slumber, enriching themselves to be born in the Spring.  You can do this by creating a vision board.

In this particular New Moon we are moving into the feeling senses and change may come our way, so it is accepting change which we can see also as transformation.  These might just be small changes, a change in your mindset perhaps, a change of routine, big or small, it is how you move with the flow that is important.  The secret to understanding how to successfully cope with change is actually quite simple (though not necessarily easy): ‘It’s about transforming our attitude from one of resisting change to embracing it. That’s right — by changing how we feel, we can transform a potentially negative experience to a positive one.’

Crystal Tips

Malachite is a wonderful stone right now to tap into to embrace change.

It is associated with the heart and throat chakras and is the Stone of Transformation.  Malachite is wonderful for deep energy clearing and like anything wonderful advised to use sparingly, little and often rather than a big overdose.  It absorbs negative energies so please pop over to my blog at to find out how to cleanse it, which is important after every use.  This stone is known to bring forth and discharge old traumas, destructive habits and emotions you have been supressing.

Journaling Tips To Embrace Change

Identify three emotions you have been feeling recently around a change (or changes) in your life. Lean into them and write down the ways they have shown up in your behaviours and conversations.

If you don’t like change, list some reasons you might be resisting it. Then list three ways that you can embrace it more.

List any obstacles that might be holding you back from change right now. Now list three realistic ways you can overcome each of them (by realistic, we mean three action items you can start this week to help get you through).

What do you wish to gain or experience coming out of a current change you’re going through? What are three goals (big or small) you want to accomplish from this change?

Samhain, or Halloween, What Is It & How To Celebrate It | Aurora Facets

You Are Invited To An Alternative Halloween or Samhain

Halloween can be a great time for children and often as adults we just ‘go along’ with it, without a thought perhaps for the old ways and meanings behind this date.  When we forget the ‘old ways’ we often also find ourselves missing out on accessing beautiful healing methods and ways to create a richer and more aligned life and Samhain on the 31st October very much has this to offer.

This date is all about our Ancestors.  Our Ancestors created the fabric of our DNA, they are a part of our DNA and we carry that line on down to the future generations.

Much like the pebble that strikes upon calm waters yet ripples out into the water far beyond, we ourselves feel those ripples from our Ancestors as do our future not yet shaped feel the ripples that we make, as do we all to each other.

Samhain is a time when the ‘veil’ between our physical world that we exist here as mortals upon and the Spirit world, where our Ancestors dwell becomes thin, offering us the opportunity to convey our gratitude and heartfelt thanks for all that they have given and taught us.  It also offers us a time to dive deeper and receive insights, wisdom and deep healing as we connect through this energetic line of personal history and future.

On the 31st October here at Bhuti you are being offered the opportunity to try an alternative Halloween, or Samhain as we call it as both myself, Justine and fellow healer Christian hold space with a Shamanic Ceremony.

In this ceremony we will all connect together at this special time to enjoy sacred circle, blessings acknowledgements of our ancestors, time to enjoy a special Ecuadorian tea that focuses the mind to facilitate dropping through the different layers of consciousness to traverse the veil, all accompanied by the Shamans drum and rattle. 

After we will hold the talking stick as we share our journeys in this very special healing space to follow with Ancestral healing and divination for the year ahead.

This is a precious time to make the most of, a time to heal deep rooted Ancestral patterns, show gratitude and love and to create a healthy relationship between both worlds as gifted to us at this special time.  Through doing this life becomes clearer, deep healing can take place of old rooted negative patterns and we become at peace.

We look forward to seeing you on the 31st October, 7.30 – 9pm.  You can find the booking link here.

Meanwhile if you wish to jump on board to the fortnightly Moon Yoga Nidra + Alchemy Sound Circle and Healing sessions you can book them here.

Blessings, Justine xxx

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