Journey to Joy | Oasis Of Sound + Sama Joyraiser

Urban Twilight Retreats | At Bingham Riverhouse

 Monday 11th March | 6-9pm

Doors open at 5.30pm for mingling, event begins at 6pm

Life can leave us overwhelmed, stressed, tired, disconnected… anything but joyful. Our Urban Twilight retreats, Journey to Joy, are here to help you step over the day-to-day s***.

Join us as we guide you through a transformative experience designed to uplift your spirit, nourish your soul, and lead you to a state of pure joy. For all genders, flowing on the new moon energy, a potent time as we transition towards the spring equinox and can bloom and begin again.

No experience necessary, just a willingness to be guided by our experienced facilitators including our own Joyraiser Sama, and Oasis of Sound healer and songstress, Anne Malone.

The evening will include-
Sacred cacao ceremony to gather and share for community connection, and collective consciousness raising.

Guided awakening movement medicine - somatic movement, shaking, drumming and reaching states of euphoria through this movement medicine.

Deeply healing and restorative soundscape created by Oasis of Sound. Anne will merge her electric sounds with live instruments & magical mantras, creating a fascinating blend of "electrik eclectic" music and healing vibrations... Listen to vocal toning as if inside a mystical cave, feel and hear the singing bowls as if nestled inside the deepest ommmmm.

Discover new practices, modalities, and a way of being to reconnect to yourself, uncover your true desires and rediscover limitless joy despite life’s challenges.

 Members £48 | Non-members £58
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