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The challenges and pressures faced by business today mean that a strategic focus on wellbeing is more essential than ever.

We offer corporate wellness bespoke to suit the needs of your business. We can come into your business bringing the bhuti wellness vibe, offering a package that could include mini-workshops such as a yoga or pilates class, nutritional talk, cooking class and mindfulness techniques that will have your teams fulfilling their true potential in no time. 

Contact us to start planning an away day, team building or wellbeing classes for your team.

Testimonials / Clients

"Sama from bhuti London led a great yoga class for some of our team, they felt  really relaxed, energised and had a great start to the day.  Employee wellbeing is so crucial for us so it was great to have this class, a mix of physical movement, breathwork and mindfulness. It got everyone into a really good place!" - Alina Gehl (Facebook)

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