Intuitive Crystals: A journey to healing with Ancient Wisdom

Tuesday 23rd April | 7.15-9.15pm 

Join us for an enriching workshop crafted by Justine Nagaur, an experienced Integrative Healer, Teacher, and Mentor known for her deep knowledge in modalities such as crystal healing, spiritual healing, sound healing, pranayama, chanting, EFT, and yoga nidra.

Within this workshop, Justine will illuminate the fundamental aspects of crystals—what they are, how to care for them, choose them, and connect with them. This exploration is designed to enhance your intuition and encourage a shift from headspace to heart space, allowing for a natural and meaningful engagement with these crystalline beings.

Expect a session that is as fun and interactive as it is informative, beginning with a touch of science and leading into hands-on activities as we also work with colour and chakras. The workshop promises a beautiful, serene meditation to foster a deep connection with the Crystal Kingdom. Participants will have the opportunity to bond with their selected crystal, open themselves to receive healing messages, and journal their insights.

This communal sharing and connection underscore the workshop's intention to not only educate but also to unite participants in their journey towards balance, healing, and self-realization.

Don't miss this chance to learn from Justine's vast experience and to dive deep into the world of crystals in a setting that supports community building and personal transformation.

Members £25 | Non Members £30

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