Family Constellations with Zita Tulyahikayo

Saturday 11th May 2024 | 10am-4pm

Family Constellations featured in Series 5 of Netflix's Sex, Love & Goop. In this workshop you will discover and experience this transformational therapy. Did you know that your issues with relationships, health, career, and success may be inherited?

Systemic Constellations with Zita offers a unique and dynamic opportunity to explore the seemingly intractable problems that arise in life. Whether you are new to Constellations, or returning to dive into the heart of another matter, you are welcome to join us for an Introduction to Constellations at Bingham Riverhouse.

This workshop is designed to support anyone dealing with a personal issue. These include; relationship challenges with parents, siblings, partners and children. Death, suicide, bereavement, abortion, miscarriage, rape, violence, abuse, family secrets, migration, divorce, and separation.

Systemic Constellations can also support you with confronting difficult choices: personal direction, career, or relationship.

When we gain the gift of insight and clarity revealed through a Constellation, we are empowered to take the appropriate action towards the solution.

Includes tea + a nourishing Riverhouse Lunch.

Members £99

Middle Tier £115 (Until May 6th)

Upper Tier £135 (Thereafter)

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