Conscious Parenting Course 22.4.24-13.5.24

Mondays 22nd April-13th May | 7.30-9pm

How do you feel when you look at parenthood?
Are you thriving or possibly just getting by?
Are you stuck in your ways of every day living?
Do you feel guilt/shame/regret when it comes to your past or present parenting or perhaps how you’ve been parented as a child?
Are you emotionally drained or tried?
Do you yell or fight with your loved ones?
Life doesn’t have to be this way. We all deserve to thrive, mostly in this journey called parenthood.

Join me, Milena, for a 4-week course in Conscious Parenting where we will dive deeply into what conscious living and parenting looks and feels like. An opposing approach to traditional parenting, Conscious Parenting is about teaching us parents who we are, starting from our conditioning and generational patterns, to how and why we get triggered. We will then look into how to deal with those triggers and strong emotions. You will learn how to start or continue your journey of healing and cleaning from the inside so you can show up conscious and empowered both on the in and outside. You’ll come away with hands-on tools to apply and your relationship with yourself, your children and your loved ones will shift as a result of this course.

Milena is a Conscious Parenting coach, certified by Dr Shefali Tsabary’s Institute of Conscious Parenting. She is also certified in Spiritual Psychology by Suzi Lula and she is currently enrolled in a certification with Dr Gabor Mathe that dives into childhood trauma and his method of Compassionate Enquiry. Her teachings will be a combination of the three methods used by her mentors Dr Shefali, Suzi Lula and Dr Mathe. Milena is a mother of two young children, a former lawyer and an advocate for conscious living and parenting, self-love, self-care and empowerment from within. She believes that parenthood is our greatest portal to healing and thriving.

By purchasing your ticket to the course, you agree to the session being recorded for the facilitator's purposes.
The final half an hour will be an open Q&A session, where the recording will be stopped.
(Concession price available on request)

Pay what you can | £150-£250
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