Cutting The Cord | Breathwork Workshop 16.5.24

Thursday 16th May | 7-8.30pm

Where are you stuck in relationships with energies that harm you?
Do you have old beliefs that you are ready to let go of?
Are you ready to reclaim inner strength and make new healthy choices?

This will be a transformative Breathwork session ideal for cutting cords with stagnant relationships, break free of the grip to old flames, emotional traumas, romantic bonds or family ties that keep you stuck in old and toxic ways of being. Break free from the cords that keep you tethered to an old way of being and living and breathe into creating new pathways Restore your power and rejuvenate the sacred energies found in the Breath - connecting you to spirit and your empowered future Break free from the past and embrace your next breath to reclaim inner strength.

Don't miss this powerful opportunity to experience Conscious Connected Breathwork with Natasha de Grunwald. Bring your journal and get ready to move your body and dance as part of the embodiment of release and letting go.

What you receive:
A powerful guided Breathwork session for cutting the cords that you know are hindering your moving on in all areas of your life whether this be with family, in your work, intimate relationships, friendships or the relationship you have with yourself.
Discover the power of releasing energetic attachments to past relationships, belief patterns, habits and stories so you can move into Spring with cleared pathways and severed ties, relieving you of old ways of being and supporting you to create NEW and EXCITING ways of BEING.

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals on a journey forwards of self-healing and personal growth. Experience Natasha’s playful, powerful and joyful approach to Somatic movement (with a fabulous and carefully curated playlist) and some profound journalling questions to get your creative juices flowing.

Members £20 | Non-members £30

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