Transformational Healing

What Is Transformational Healing?

Justine’s style of Transformational Healing is about freeing you from repetitive habits, mindsets, emotions and physical pain that can derive both from within and from your external environment.  It also extends to relationships, getting to the source of the negative seed and healing that belief pattern which can extend physically and sometimes cutting cords that are holding you back.

Whether you are in a state of unhappiness, feeling stuck, or getting triggered by things you can’t explain, having an inability to focus or being into your life what you wish, pain, sleeplessness, the list is endless.

At the root of these ‘states of being’ is the mind, body and spirit connection.  The three are interlinked and are influenced by our past and present experiences, lifestyle, and environment.  As we tend to remember and hold onto negative memories more easily than positive ones, this does not serve us well and they can be buried so deeply we are unaware of the baggage we might be carrying that is impacting us in our entirety.  Ensuring the mind, body and spirit connection is cleared and rejuvenated leads to healing and transformation.

Justine’s methods and personality creates a safe space where you can flourish and come to a better holistic understanding of yourself.  Within this private and spiritual space, you can express your emotions, your worries and be authentic about any dis’ease’ or dis’course’ you wish to discuss.

The journey is taken together, both client and therapist side by side, usually through traditional couch-based hands-on healing.  Justine harnesses her long-term experience in working with people, her strong connection with spirit and her multi-disciplinary approach from which she will create a bespoke healing experienced tailored to you.  This might include crystals, sound healing work, inner child healing, ancestral healing, chakra balancing as some examples.  The exact methods all get decided at the time of the session according to your exact needs and the surrounding energy.

Justine is passionate about ensuring that you leave each session with a better understanding of your healing needs.  You will be able to use powerful healing techniques back at home which will balance and empower you.  Justine will guide you further during each session throughout this process.

Healing is a journey and an investment in yourself.  It is something to embrace with trust, openness and it is a commitment to get to a point of balance and wholeness.

Justine is here by your side on the journey. 

£200 | 90 minute treatment 


90 minutes


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