Acupuncture is an effective and powerful treatment shown to be safe and effective in a long list of disease categories.  The World Health Organization has found strong research evidence for acupuncture in treating migraine, headaches, lower back pain, allergic rhinitis, knee osteoarthritis, nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy and post-operative pain of any kind!  Strong evidence means scientifically validated and reliably curative results.  38 other conditions have moderate evidence which is a higher rating of evidence than exists for for opioid pain relief medication and anti-depression medication.  

In a large US study, 93% of patients reported an improvement in their main complaint with acupuncture treatment.  Clinical recommendations from over 1000  international groups and from 30 countries support acupuncture as an evidence based medicine with few (nearly zero) serious side effects or risks.  

Sterile, single use, fine needles (.25mm which is 1/4 the size of normal injection needles) are inserted into specific points to stimulate the natural healing energy of the body.  You will be asked to lie still while the treatment takes effect, usually 30 mins.  Many patients report feelings of relaxation and calm during this time while others feel energised.  


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