Journeys To Joy

The Podcast

Finding joy in life no matter what our personal circumstances, or life’s challenges is ultimately what spirituality and personal growth is about. Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery with our guests.

Through captivating interviews and expert guidance, "Journeys to Joy" invites listeners on a voyage delving into holistic modalities, ancient and new that can revolutionise your life. our guests share their own profound journeys, empowering listeners with actionable strategies to rediscover more joy and live a life in harmony with their true nature.

Whether you're seeking inspiration, overcoming obstacles, or simply curious about the myriad of paths to living a joyful life, listen in for a nurturing environment for you to be inspired, and soothed. Each episode offers a personal insights and wisdom with the intention of connecting you with your joy.

Joyraiser, Sama Trinder, the host, a multi-disciplinary yoga therapist, energy healer, and entrepreneur. Sama, founded bhuti as an antidote to the modern stressful lifestyle in 2016 with the mission of helping you come home to your true nature. bhuti began as an eco wellbeing escape and now spreads it's wings to be your home for wellbeing online and as a nomadic offering providing a range of yoga and meditation as well as wellbeing workshops and retreats. 

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