yoga nidra - the equivalent of a night's sleep with Stephen Marks

Saturday 15th October - 2.00 - 4.00 pm 

When was the last time you had a really good sleep?

For it is now impossible to ignore the modern connections of neuroscience and the practices of the ancient yogis. Journey with me in this wonderfully calming workshop.

In this workshop, you lay back and I do all the work!!



1) What is yoga nidra ?
2)‎ Learn about the origins of yoga nidra
3)‎ Hear about where yoga nidra sits within the 8 limbs of yoga
4) Understand ‎ the science of how yoga nidra affects the brain
5) Learn some simple breathing techniques and postures to help prepare for the sleep journey. ‎



You will experience 4 separate deeply restful and Nidras

1) A calming Nidra revealing to you the four main brainwaves
2) A healing Nidra guiding you through the chakra colours
3)A relaxing traditional Satyananda form of Nidra using a body scan
4) A journey Nidra set to music created by a sound healer


yoga nidra

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