Yoga for Menopause with Sona

Saturday 9th October | 2pm-5pm

Please join me as I create space for menopausal woman to share this journey together especially following recent press coverage and Davina McCall’s C4 documentary on 12th May “Sex, Myths and the Menopause”.

Menopause symptoms such as brain fog, word recall, anxiety, being overwhelmed, palpitations, low mood, loss of libido, exhaustion, worry, hot flashes, irritability, anger, mood swings, stiffness, weight gain, dizziness, headaches, disturbed sleep are all exacerbated by stress.

Now there’s space to know you’re not alone and to help support yourself.

Workshop includes:

- Women’s Circle

- Relevant yoga practices to help symptoms including: breath work, meditation, poses, restorative and yin, yoga nidra, a deep relaxation leaving you feeling energised and clearer, journalling and q’s and a’s. There’s the opportunity to pick up info for further sign posting.

Please bring a pen and a journal, your eye mask and a shawl/blanket. 

“Truly loved the experience! I’m still bathing in the beauty and support of the morning. Thank you" - LF, a past MY workshop attendee

Spaces limited to 10

Sona: 07812 525736

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