Womb Healing Workshop with Alex Bedoya

Friday 15th July | 7-30pm - 9.30pm

Alex Bedoya is a Medicine Woman and Somatic Practitioner born in Ecuador specialising in helping women who are experiencing blocks and limitations due to past traumas.

Alex will be leading this Womb workshop to help create deep healing and alignment with unresolved issues sitting in your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies that stop you living a loving and fulfilling life.

The workshop involves:

- Meeting and releasing the parts of you that are stuck in trauma

- Rituals for cutting cords with past loved ones

- Balancing the body from disease experienced in this lifetime

- Clearing the womb of any trauma from troubled pregnancies or medical procedures

- Clearing your energy from any trauma you experienced in your mother's womb

- Untangling family dynamics & ancestral healing

- Coming back home to your womb, learning how to build trust in your body

The purpose of this workshop is to cleanse and re-balance your body, your relationship with your body and the relationships that have become entangled during your lifetime. You will leave the workshop feeling a weight lifted and with a sense of serenity.

Your experience during the workshop will take a few days to settle whilst it becomes a part of you and in time, you will begin to notice a sense of alignment and clarity which will allow you to have deeper, more meaningful relationships.


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