Womb Flow with Alex

Friday 20th August | 6:00pm-10:00pm

A Healing Artistic Experience 

In this workshop, you’ll be invited to experience, dream and create, while being held by a sacred womb space. Medicine woman Alex Bedoya invited visual artist Taïs Bean to co-design the workshop, inviting womxn on a sacred immersive healing artistic journey.

Womb Flow is a complete sensorial and aesthetic experience, bringing together music, smells, oils, flower teas, in a space designed to honour the womb, nature and beauty.

Womb Flow takes womxn on an inner and outer journey of healing and connection to the sacred beauty and power of the womb, through the language of ancient medicine, art and the heart.

The Workshop

Hidden traumas, beliefs and blockages often force our body to suppress and carry difficult feelings and emotions but this reflects back on our health, personal life choices and liveliness.

Womb Flow is a safe journey of learning how to listen to the innate wisdom of our bodies, fully living, fully feeling, fully being who we really are.

Bringing the wisdom from traditional medicine grandmothers, we invite our bodies to open up, always respecting the body’s boundaries, welcoming rejected parts of ourselves to be expressed and integrated in a gentle, compassionate and loving way. The workshop gently stimulates all the senses, leading the body into deep states of relaxation and well-being.

Held in a sacred space of nurturing beauty, we open our bodies and wombs to receive the return to wholeness.

There will be practical and easy tools shared for deep exploration & release.

  • Exploring the connection between our voice and the womb
  • Learning womb- based meditations & visualisations
  • Cutting the cords from the past: previous lovers, family ties, blockages
  • Practising energetic womb healing
  • Opening up our creative expression through immersive exercises
  • Ancestral family constellation and how our unresolved lineage affects our health
  • From trauma to beauty, working through the body’s memory

“Alex’s gifts as a brilliant healer and intuitive are only matched by her warmth and immense presence. She is a true gift to this world!”

Richie Bostock, The Breath Guy, author and Speaker

“Alex is an enabler of transformation. She has the gift to help release painful physical and emotional patterns in the body and in the spiritual plane as well... ”

Maya Fiennes, Author, Yogi and Musician

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