Weave Women's Wellness Circle with Uma & Adrianna

Saturday 11th April - 2:00pm-4:30pm

You are invited to join Weave for an intimate afternoon gathering of women. Together, we will have space to: share and connect, dance and sing, rest and return to our essence. We will draw upon the wisdom of various practices such as restorative yoga, sensual fluid movement, sound healing, voice work and sharing with one another in circle.

There is nothing quite like the force of a group of women coming together.
Come and join us and your fellow sisters to remember and reclaim your essence as a woman.

Benefits of event:

– Connect to your essence and truth as a woman
– Experience healing connection with other women
– Deepen self awareness and explore your feminine essence
– Be heard, witnessed, seen and celebrated
– Receive support for wherever you are at in life right now
– Remember and reclaim the wisdom of nature and your body

Using the tools they have gathered and integrated over their 20 years of collective experience and study, as students and facilitators Adrianna and Uma are committed and passionate about celebrating and uplifting women. Together they create an inclusive space for women to sit deeply in self-enquiry and practice, where they can investigate, explore and embody their personal meaning of what it means to be a creative, well woman today.

“Unleashing my feminine side, finding a deeper connection with others feeling the same way...in a circle of deepest trust and friendship! Thanks for offering a safe space and being so supportive!” ~ A Weave Woman Participant


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