Water Blessing Ceremony

Sunday 27th September | 7.30-9pm 

To mark our reopening after 5 months of closure, we would love for you to join us for a Water blessing ceremony. We will meet at bhuti at 7.30pm on 2nd of September before making a procession down to the water's edge at the end of the River Lane, offering our prayers and intention into the Thames and the world's waterways.

This will be an evening of wisdom, sound, prayer and offerings reconnecting us back to the sacredness of our life-enhancing water and the River Thames, all the waters of the world and for ourselves.

Pop into bhuti for your bamboo prayer boat, fill it with your prayers and intentions to cast off down the Thames at the ceremony and prayer offering. One prayer boat is enough, yet a hundred candlelit prayer boats floating down the Thames will cause a ripple of resonance flowing to all the waters of the world.

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