vedic meditation course with Lis

Saturday 22th June - 3.00- 4.00pm

FREE Introductory talk on our upcoming meditation course:

This popular meditation style is easy to learn and designed for busy, modern people who are seeking better wellbeing, creativity and clarity.

The practice is natural and effortless as it uses a personalized sound called a "mantra" to deepen the attention inward and powerfully rest the body, reducing stress and over thinking.

The course is conducted over 4 sessions, each one is approximately 2hrs. All 4 sessions should be completed over 3/4 consecutive days so you have time to integrate the practice at home and finish feeling confident and capable as a new meditator.

Session One - Witness a gratitude ceremony & receive your mantra with essential tools to begin.

Session Two - Understand the nature of the mind & how to naturally settle it with your mantra.

Session Three - Learn how stress & emotions are stored and released through meditation.

Session Four - Discover how meditation can transform and awaken your wellbeing in daily life.

Course dates: 5th - 7th July 


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