Transform Your Energy and Bring Balance to Your Life with Delilah

Saturday 7th September 1:45-4:00pm

Transform your energy by tuning into your personal energy field and learn ways in which you can improve our understanding of yourself energetically, emotionally, physically and mentally.


We will explore how energies affect us in daily life and learn tools to release, cleanse and enhance our energy fields, bringing us into greater balance and love.

Delilah is a Spiritual Mentor, Whole-body and Medical Coach and Energy Practitioner. She brings awareness to what our bodies wish to share with us – the hidden messages, wisdom and insight – and guides us to release what is no longer useful so we can move into the expanded spirit of who we are. The afternoon will be experiential, grounding, awareness creating and informative.

Come as you are… no more, no less, but with some water to hand.


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