The Shape of Stillness Meditation Masterclass with Vena

Sunday 30th June | 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Yoga practice gets you flowing and takes you deep. You touch moments where body mind and energy align. This Meditation Masterclass will show you how to magnify and enhance your experience of that alignment.

You’ll learn: yogic anchor points in the brain and body. Where they are and how to use them to get into a calm, coherent state whether you’re doing asanas or making tea.
How to hang on to those ‘in-flow’ moments using a subtle, advanced yogic technique of developing bhava (state of being).

Vena Ramphal brought yogic calm to our TV screens on earlier this year on Channel 4. Born into a family of Vedic practitioners Vena was initiated into meditation aged 10. She is passionate about making meditation available to millions of people. She will share some of the latest scientific research on how meditation works.

Join us for this masterclass if you want to deepen your own yoga practice, add new tools to your yoga teaching, want to explore meditation without having to sit still!


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