The Journey of the Breath

Saturday 28th May | 2-3.30pm

Come and discover the incredible power of breathwork in this introductory workshop. From functional breathing and the anatomy of the breath, to exploring a dynamic and integrative practice known as Conscious Connected Breathwork, let’s begin the journey of connecting with our breath.

Breathwork is powerful. We can regulate our emotional, mental and physical being by connecting with and changing our breathing. It connects our internal and external worlds, providing a portal for us to move deeper within, leaving the cognitive world and allowing our bodies own wisdom to guide us.

This is the first in a series of workshops and is
suitable for complete beginners and those with experience. We will build and develop on these practices and foundational work in each session to move deeper within, while empowering you with effective strategies and tools to connect with your breath.

£40 Members | £45 Non-members



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