Smudge Stick Making + Sound Healing with Harriet

Sunday 27th October - 2:30pm - 5.00pm 

Join Harriet Emily for an evening of mysticism. Together, we will combine Kundalini Meditation with Sound Healing and Smudge Stick Making to tap into the highly magical, transformational energy of Samhain.

Our evening will begin by joining together to meditate and raise the group energy so we can heighten our awareness and connection to our expanded selves. Then we will begin a process of intention setting through sound healing and tarot/oracle card guidance to connect to a specific theme from your life, which you would like to cleanse using the smudge stick you will make.

After you have chosen your theme, you will each build your own energy cleansing smudge stick with a combination of sage, wild herbs, flowers, and natural yarn. We will come together, drink tea and snack on cake as we build these sacred objects before make taking them home to dry out ready to be burned in your own sacred space to cleanse and renew the energy of whatever you chose to work with.

Harriet Emily is a renowned Sound Healing Practitioner who specialises in The Gong and Crystal Singing Bowls. She was raised in the Healing Arts field and has been performing healing since the age of only five years old. She has now travelled the world sharing her work across London, The UK, Los Angeles, USA, Paris, Mallorca and Europe. She has collaborated with the likes of Guru Jagat and Marianne Williamson and worked with global brands such as Free People, Anthropoligie, Bare Minerals, ITV Network, Soho House Group, The Mandarin Oriental Group, Design Hotels, Wanderlust Festival and Wilderness Festival.
She is incredibly passionate about her work, and dedicates her life to her practice. She has made it her mission to share these teachings and knowledge with people across the world, in hope to spread more peace throughout the planet.

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