Intro Talk + Group Healing with Matthew Sifu

Friday 4th October | 7.00pm-9.00pm

We are thrilled to present to you an extraordinary healer from the United States who will be working at The Hale Clinic during May and June 2019. Sifu Matthew, known by professional athletes as 'The Injury Whisperer', is a Kung Fu Master and Healer who draws his force form the Science of the Martial Arts. He is known for his rapid healing abilities, sometimes healing injuries and conditions in minutes, which has made him sought after by top athletes and many others in need of help. He has helped thousands heal from both injuries and conditions that were non-responsive to many other modalities. Clients include, Goop, NBA stars, business executives, and celebrities. He is currently participating in a healing study at a leading university research hospital.


Sifu Matthew will discuss and demonstrate how the body’s magnetism, position, and direction, are the keys to wellness and healing. Lecture and demonstration will be followed by a 10 minute group healing wherein Sifu will realign your electromagnetic fields, remove blockages, and reinvigorate your healing forces. Learn more about Sifu Matthew and The Martial Arts of Wellness here:


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