seasonal balance: spring with Minna

Sunday 17th March - 2.00 - 4.00 pm

Come along to the first Seasonal Balance®- Workshop in Bhuti. The foundation of your overall health is your connection with nature, your own body and mind.

Improve your wellbeing and vitality by connecting deeper within yourself with this healing practice. According to The Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory, Spring is the time of The Wood Element. Yang- fresh new energy starts to rise as nature is born again. Now it ́s the time for us to wake up; start to clean our bodies, minds, get some new energy and inspiration. Internal organs of the Spring are The Liver and Gallbladder. They are seen as the most important organs for the detoxification of the body. By balancing and nurturing them, we are able to strengthen metabolism and immunity.

This Workshop will include:

- 1.5-hour inspirational talk and discuss how to support The Liver and Gallbladder with the right kind food, herbs, life manners and acupuncture points.

- 1.5 hour Seasonal Balance®- Yoga Treatment class.


This practice is a restorative combination of Yin Yoga asanas with a manipulation of the energy channels in the body.

Seasonal Balance®- Yoga Treatment aims to activate, boost and balance the flow of energy all around the body. The asanas nourish the energy supply of the connective tissues and joints, boost metabolism and mobility. Relaxing the muscles enables the connective tissues to release and allow all the toxins, therefore, exit the body effectively. Also, metabolism, lymph fluids, blood flow and digestion are activated.

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