Sacred Sound Healing Course with Anne Malone

Saturday 23rd July- Saturday 4th September | 10:00am-6:00pm

3 Modules divided into 6 sessions.

Sacred Sound Training with Anne Malone, is an introduction Singing Bowls and additional instruments, Vocal Toning, Mantra singing, Space Clearing with Sound and Care for the Voice. All of which will give participants the basic tools to facilitate a Sound Bath and to incorporate sacred sound and powerful vocal techniques into classes and personal practice.

In Sacred Sound Training, Anne offers an invitation to explore, expand, and develop your natural healing qualities and creativity through sacred sound, singing, chanting and voice care. This unique course explores the essence of sound, experiencing the ease of playing the Singing Bowl, singing and chanting from the heart.

The main instrument Anne will use is the Himalayan Singing bowl (Goddess Bowl), in conjunction with vocal toning, (used as a sonic diagnostic tool by sonically scanning the body) and Mantra and Chant. Anne will show you how to create a Sound Bath, how to use Sound as part of your Yoga Class, as well as introduce you to the hugely self empowering techniques to share and care for your voice, how to pace your spoken word, chants and songs in a relaxed, loving and safe way.

You will learn how to play and place the singing bowl directly on the body’s chakras, how to tone (or tune) the body with the voice, with the addition of other beautiful instruments and vocal techniques you will learn how to enhance your SoundBath or Sound Meditation as you explore the ancient pathways within the heartbeat of these instruments ... lovingly weaving these skills into a healing shavasana Sound Bath.

We will discover the magic of vocal toning, chanting and mantra, as we connect and evolve within an ongoing sacred sound community .

You will receive a Sound Healing manual prior to your first session.

You will also have the opportunity for a personal 1 to 1 session with Anne during the course.

£650 or 3 installments of £233

15% discount for members.

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