Rock, Roll, Release and Gong with April

Saturday 19th June | 2:00pm-4:00pm

Do you hold tension and stress in your body?

Feeling a tad stiff from sitting for too long?

General tightness from exercising?

If your answer to any of the above questions is YES, we would love you to join April's Rock, Roll and Release 2-hour workshop. 

Roll and Release technology is a simple and effective therapeutic way to relieve tension and pain within the body, improve flexibility, increase blood flow and calm the mind. This technology consists of myo-fascial tissue (muscular/“myo” connective tissue/“fascia” that surrounds muscles) manipulation using ball rolling techniques applied specifically where tension is often held in your body (e.g. neck, upper back, lower back) followed by deep stretching.

You’ll use ordinary tennis balls to direct pressure into these target areas and then hold long gentle to moderate supported stretch postures for (certain duration/3 -5 minutes) to enhance the effect of the myo-fascial release. The workshop finishes with 30 minutes of deeply relaxing and rejuvenating Gong sound vibrations.

You’ll immediately feel relief in your muscles, a more relaxed state of mind and after a few sessions you will very likely experience improved flexibility. All levels of flexibility and fitness are welcome. If you happen to have any physical restrictions or injuries, there’s always modification for you.

What students are saying…

“Roll and Release + Gong sessions with April are an absolute joy! April creates a natural, calm environment in class with clear, simple soothing instructions. She will often intuitively anticipate what you are feeling when holding a particular position and suggest adjustments or modifications to meet individual needs. She is always positive and encouraging throughout. The roll and release using tennis balls prior to the long stretch postures results in a deep release and stretching further than I have ever managed before! This practice with April has brought about tremendous health benefits including improved flexibility generally but especially in my lower back and neck. The best is the finale relaxation with the Gong - it is transformational for improving sleep and overall calmness and well-being. Highly recommended!” Heidi, Kingston UK

Please bring your own 2 tennis balls or similar sized therapy balls.

This workshop will also be held online - please book onto the online workshop to recieve the zoom link.

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