Reiki I Course | 30.6.24


Guided by Sama Trinder.

Reiki I is a broard overview and introduction to Reiki incorporating more ancient energy healing systems such as chakras and auras, to give you an understanding of how healing works, how we can heal ourselves, and potentially help others to heal themselves.

No previous experience is necessary.

The course begins with a zoom 90 min intake call to introduce you to the 21 day cleansing process prior to the day.

The day includes:
-An Introduction to Reiki, what it is, and the history.
-Attunement Ceremonies (meaning your own healing energy will be activated).
-You will learn energy theory, about auras, chakras, and holistic healing.
-You will learn breathing practices, meditation, how to do self-healing.
-You will learn the hand positions.
-Then have the opportunity to practice on yourself and others.
-How to integrate what you have learnt into every day life.
-You will receive a manual/guide with a recommended reading list and further study signposts.

Refreshments are included throughout the day including a lunch, and snacks.

Sama trained as a reiki Master from 2018-19 and has been practicing ever since. She is also a qualified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and trained in other energy healing modalities.

Includes a Recorded zoom call on Sunday 9th June, 7.30-9pm to introduce the 21 day cleanse. 

Members £180 | Non-members £200

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