Psychic Development Course with Yasmin

Sunday 6th October - 2.00 - 4.00 pm 

Yasmin was a born psychic and medium who over the years has learned to develop her abilities to not only read energy but heal the root issues. She has worked extensively with people with cancer and other diseases to help them recover faster and without repercussion. She developed a process called the Mind-Body Method, which is the basis of developing Mental, Spiritual and Physical health and wellbeing.

She has helped many people successfully tune into their psychic and healing senses enabling them to use these abilities in their own lives and help others.

Over the course of the next 6 months, Yasmin will be teaching you how you can positively affect your life by enhancing your Psychic and Healing abilities.

1st Sunday of every month.

Month 1 - Energy Reading - The Basics

Month 2 - Reading the Future for Yourself and Others

Month 3 - Reading Objects and Situations

Month 4 - Reading the Body for Illness and Trauma

Month 5 - Heal Yourself and Others

Month 6 - finding the Root Cause of Issues

£35 drop-in/per session

£180 for the full course

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