Debunking the One Size Fits All Diet with OMNOS

Saturday 30th January - 2:00pm - 4:00pm 


Are you tired of trying many different diets, following trends and other plans that don't work, and are you ready to finally take action and make a sustainable change for long-lasting results?

If the answer is yes, this workshop is for you and you are going to love it!

The Omnos methodology is for daily heroes, proactive individuals who are too busy to follow the latest trends, but who want to avoid the guesswork. It provides peace of mind and a guarantee that what you are doing makes a difference and delivers results.

We will Debunk the one size fits all diet
Learn the basics of how genes impact our health and wellness and how personalised and targeted lifestyle, diet and environment intervention play a crucial role in preventing most diseases ( epigenetic )
Learn to implement diet and lifestyle changes based on the ten key areas of wellness ( things to do, to avoid, to take or people to see )
Access the Omnos platform with your personalised score and recommendations
Learn how we can control our health by assessing and connecting the dots and between our lifestyle, genetic and targeted biomarkers.



Personal DNA testing and nutrigenomics can reveal our unique individual fitness potential, nutritional needs and disease risk factors.
How to harness this knowledge and turn it into sustainable habits and lifestyle changes to implement in your daily life.
Be educated with a science-based methodology to take control of your health.
Get a lifetime free access to the Omnos platform with premium perks.



Your learning material
Your results on the Omnos platform based on your self-assessment with your wellness score and your personalised recommendations.
Your yearly lifetime access to the Omnos platform with extra perks.
Opportunity to join the Smart Health Hub, education and reward program


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