Oasis Sound Bath + Magic Mantra with Anne Malone

Sunday 15th October | 6.45-8.15pm

Come together & bathe in the loving & healing vibrations of Oasis Sound Bath & Mantra with Anne Malone.

Oasis of Sound is a a simple yet profound way to connect with the core of our being and tune our body at a cellular level through the gentleness of its resonance, as you relax and bathe in the exquisite healing sounds and vocal tones, releasing stress and blockages using healing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, Hang, Celtic Drum, Rainstick, Singing Bells, Vocal Toning and Mantra.

Connecting to the natural rhythm and flow of our breath, we’ll begin our journey into deep relaxation as we bathe in the exquisite sounds and vocal tones, releasing stress and blockages. You'll be embraced by the healing sounds of Goddess Singing Bowls, Chinese Wind Gong, Irish Bodhran (Drum), Hang, Rainstick, Sansula, Koshi Bells, Ukranian Bells and magical Vocal Toning. You will flow into gentle guided meditation, bringing our evening to a magical finale with mantra song. Anne will guide each Mantra, line by line, note by note: celebrating the joy of simply being together within the embrace of loving vibrations and song...the only side affect is happiness and harmony.

All welcome | No singing or meditation experience needed

Members £30 | Non-members £45

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About Anne

Music is the breath of Love
As a musician and a student of yoga and meditation, Anne has a deep understanding of how music and movement flow and unfold with ease and grace, creating a world of Sacred Sound & Motion with Pure Devotion.
Anne’s love of yoga and meditation has added depth of devotion and physical awareness throughout her journey, her constant inspiration & guide, Prem Rawat, her Teacher of Meditation is at the core of Anne’s heArt share, and by combining her training in Sacred Sound: (Chris James/ SoundsWonderful), The Journey (Brandon Bays) and Shamanic Ceremony (Annie Spencer/Hart Lodge) she offers a unique yogic musical exploration ... and has been privileged to share musical journeys with Shiva Rea over many joyful years.
Her passion for music has taken her on a journey of sound from the vibrant music of Dublin in Ireland to the tropical rhythms of Latin America, the eclectic sounds of USA and the rich folk traditions of Europe. With a wealth of recorded music, a nomination for an NME Award and iTunes top 10 chart, Anne’s love of SoundScapes allows her to share her sound world.
Anne’s pioneering Art of Sacred Sound Trainings have grown over past 8 years, and now partners with Yogacampus, Mind Body Spirit, Ministry of Sound and numerous Retreat Centres and Corporate Companies sharing the magic of Sound and Song.


What people say ...

"Oasis of Sound is the perfect counterpoint to the stresses and hassle of living in a major city. The music is sublime, played on an assortment of instruments and Anne’s stunning voice transports the room to a haven of tranquility. Sound actually becomes physical when Anne places a singing bowl on various 'chakra areas' of the body, its vibrations coursing through every cell. I can honestly say it’s one of the highlights of my week.” Michael Reece, Artist

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