women's moon circle

Tuesday 19th February 7:00-8:40 pm

Join us in a sacred gathering to honour this luminous full moon, in her full bodied wholeness. You will be connecting to your own wholeness and inner wisdom and drawing light on any areas that need clearing or releasing.

When we give reverence to the feminine and to Mother Earth we consciously connect to a deeper layer of knowing that helps us realise our power and potential.

This journey of curiosity and transformation will be lead with grace, depth and light, weaving between the imaginary and the sacred. You will be held tight in the safe and nourishing circle of your sisters and supported in your discoveries.

What we will be doing:

We will be creating a sacred space with a blessing and cleansing ritual.

We will be connecting to the symbolism of the current moon phase and seeing how it relates to our lives and to our menstrual cycle.

Agata will be guiding you on a visual meditation to clear away old energies and emotional blocks and to reconnect you to your inner creative and transformative powers.

We will have the opportunity to share our experiences in a supportive and nurturing space and we will perform a ritual to release and let go of all that is no longer wanted.

We will share nourishment and commune together; expressing our energies and powers as our intuition guides us.

Agata has spent the last 15 years training in a variety of wellness modalities ranging from shamanism, meditation and Ayurveda to nature based practices. Agata has completed her formal studies in Fine Art and Performance Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design and her postgraduate studies at London College of Communication.

women's moon circle

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