new moon gathering for women

Saturday 8th December 7:30-10:00 pm

Join us for the final New Moon Womens circle of 2018. Come and be in ceremony in a loving and supportive circle of women led by Alexandria Vallely.

As its the final one of the year we are going to have a bigger group and a real festive celebration, of what we are letting go from 2018 and what we are planning to bring into 2019. Please bring snacks to share and something you want to charge up on the altar.

We will sing, meditate, dance, experience healing, be in sisterhood, set intentions and help each other tune into our amazing cyclical nature just as we used to in Ancient times. This is a potent time to manifest new ideas and visions for the month ahead, especially when done with a group of like minded souls.

Take time out of your lives to connect with others, be in gratitude and meditation for all that you have received, and use this time to reflect on what you want to bring forth within your life.

Experience the incredible healing nature of women gathering together to manifest their dreams, and help each other to awaken to your true inner wild woman and unleash her highest potential.

About Alexandria Valley: 

I am a psychic healer who has been communicating and working with Spirit from a young age. My mission on this earth is to help women tune back into the cyclical nature of their bodies by tuning into the cycle of the moon, and reclaim their power so they can step into their dream lives. I believe in the power of meditation, prayer, yoga, pure food, dance and living a high vibrational life to help you align with your soul's purpose. Each ceremony I lead is different, guided by Spirit especially for the current times. They usually include a mixture of song, dance, journaling, meditation, healing, and shamanic drum journeying.

new moon gathering for women

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