Monthly Deep Rest with Lucy

Sunday 25th October - 2:00-4.00pm 

Rest. We all need it (some of us desperately) but so many of us struggle to stop, and be, even if only for a few moments. Rest is vital to our physical and mental wellbeing, but it’s often the first thing we sacrifice when we’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just all-round busier than usual.

These monthly workshops are your opportunity to take deep rest from distraction, responsibility and your day-to-day demands and recover your natural ability to find ease, stillness and rest.

What’s involved?

We’ll explore tools and insights to help you recover your natural ability to find ease, stillness and rest. Classes will begin with some gentle movement, welcoming you back to your body, followed by an invitation to transition into stillness with a restorative and yin yoga practice, deep relaxation, breathwork & guided meditation & mindfulness techniques.

Restorative yoga is a beautiful practice that offers you a chance to rest deeply and revitalise, whether you are feeling fatigued, stressed from daily activities, or simply need to slow down and tune into your body.

The purpose of this type of yoga is one of opening and softening, where the nervous system shifts out of 'fight or flight' into a relaxation response, initiating a whole plethora of calming and rejuvenating activities, from - releasing the body from stress hormones, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and improving digestion.

We use props such as bolsters and blankets to support the body in different reclining positions and conscious breath to create space, not only physically but mentally as well - to allow time and space to renew and rejuvenate the body and the mind, helping to restore where we have been depleted.

A deeply relaxing experience that allows space from your busy day-to-day, helping you to feel more calm, clear and open in the real moments of your daily life.

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