Yoga, Reiki + Deep Rest with Lucy

Sunday 22nd November - 2:00-4.00pm 

Winter is the time to retreat, turn inward and replenish our energy. Yet many of us choose to fight against the season – we continue to rush, take on too much and rest too little. This results in a feeling of lethargy, a weakened immune system and lower moods, aka ‘the winter blues’.

As we start the new Decade, take time out for yourself with yoga, Reiki healing and deep rest. Yoga and Reiki align beautifully together working with Chi (Reiki energy) and Prana (Yogic energy).

Activate the body’s innate healing ability through nourishing movement and Reiki energy healing. You will be guided through a gentle yoga flow followed by floor based restorative postures to prepare you to deeply release and let go as we move into an extended Savasana (Relaxation).

Support the free flow of energy in your system enabling you to reconnect with greater awareness to yourself (physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually) as well as the world around you.

As you relax, Reiki will be weaved throughout intuitively and the energy shared one-to-one. There will be plenty of time to soak up this beautiful energy before waking, feeling renewed and deeply rested.

Lucy is a yoga teacher and Reiki Master who is passionate about giving people the space to tune in to their bodies and find moments of stillness and peace.


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