Monthly Sacred Women's Circle

Monday 23rd October 2023 | 8pm - 9.15pm

The heart's mission of this circle is that you will feel seen, heard and energetically which often in our everyday life can be lacking. When we can surrender and feel safe in this embrace it offers us the opportunity to release the tension not only from our day but also unwind deeper to clear away subconscious blocks.

A circle offers us the opportunity to connect with women from all walks of life, embracing our unique beautiful souls yet linking as one powerful healing group, the circle never ending and all pervasive as it grows in strength each time it circles through us. Friendships and bonds can grow, giving you a support network, lasting relationships and a loving boost to one's self-esteem.

The healing and connecting of a women's circle is ancient, it is deep within our DNA, a sacred space where you connect with the women who have gone before you and pave the way for women who will come after you. Quarterly there will be an 'all gender' circle, giving the opportunity for partners, friends, relatives to try a circle to enjoy the benefits, to see what you experience and perhaps start a healing journey of their own. These circles will be hosted by Justine and Christian. These dates will be clearly labelled.

What Will The Sacred Women's Circle Involve?
Upon arrival you will be welcomed with a warming tea and a chance to unwind and assimilate the changing of pace before you enter the yurt and to meet informally other attendees of the circle. This circle will embrace the framework of a traditional sharing space, energetic cleansing, linking together from the heart space, various forms of meditations, sounds and silence as standard. I shall interweave into these experiences intuitively and seasonally differing elements which could consist of crystals, journaling prompts, exercises, rituals and guest therapists at times.

8pm Arrival for tea on the veranda 8:15pm Start in the yurt 9.15pm Finish

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T's + C's
48 hours cancellation policy
Open to anyone who identifies as a woman, minimum age 16, 16 - 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

About Justine
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Justine Nagaur Spiritual Life Coach & Healer - Empowering empaths and HSP's to understand and manage their energy, emotions, behaviours and responses through 1:1 sessions and group circles - London.

Justine is a Spiritual Life Coach and Healer and comes from an ancestral lineage of healers from both her paternal and maternal side of her family.  She has been supporting people in the wellness and healing world for over 25 years. Having started life as a holistic therapist she moved into the world of healing after a sudden chronic illness stopped life for her as she knew it.  Her path to full recovery led her to a place of understanding how the dark can teach us profound lessons and bring us to the light.  

Justine's passion is to support empaths and highly sensitive souls with energy management guidance and deep transformative healing on a 1:1 and group basis.  She supports those looking to move their inner landscape from one of chaos into one of serenity, through the nurturing powers of crystals, sound, breathwork, mother nature, and her cycles, the moon and meditation. 

Justine explains that the healing journey starts from of understanding one’s own energy, what is ours, what is theirs and implementing boundaries, grounding and protection before diving deeper into negative behaviours and patterns that consistently crop up, blocking you from living your life from a place of harmony, with clarity and positive abundance.

Justine is  a reiki master, an accredited crystal practitioner, a pranayama breathwork practitioner, sound healer and a yoga Nidra facilitator, to name a few! She is committed to guiding women to create space within themselves to truly connect with every side of their being. Supporting them on each curve of their healing journey, building together a clearer path to the life you have always wanted: One that is connected, purposeful and full of positive energies.

It's been a cathartic journey to say the least that has helped reveal and heal past trauma; which in turn has helped me better tackle and understand how I manage things today.  I've learnt to let go and live more positively with past experiences that used to consume and plague me with fear and negativity.  The results have been transformational.  I'm a better business leader, mum, friend and wife.  I know myself better and feel empowered by the tools I've been given to practice self-care between sessions.  I didn't know what to expect going into this but the experience has been profound. -SJ

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