Men's Yoga Course with Loren

19th May  -  16th June |  5-week course | Sundays | 10.00 - 11.30 pm 

Men...Yoga...What’s It All About?  Join our 5 week course to find out…

Course aims:

  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Share how Yoga can help you personally and professionally
  • Support and pave the way for your own Yoga practice
  • A typical course session will include:
  • Share what
  • Breath awareness
  • Introduction
  • Limber & warm up
  • Entry level yoga sequence
  • Relaxation & Mindfulness techniques
  • Q & A
  • Weekly task

On registration - You will receive a questionnaire giving you the opportunity to:

  • Let us know of any physical / non-physical situations we need to be aware of
  • All information provided will be treated in strictest confidence in line with our GDPR policy
  • We kindly request that this information be returned not less than 7 days before your course start date
  • Receive a copy of the paper written by your teacher  (Why is Yoga different to  an exercise or physical fitness programme?)
  • Have direct email contact with your teacher for any questions that arise
  • Have the opportunity of a 1:1 30 minute session to discuss what you have learnt and how to develop your own practice going forward


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