In Bed at the Bingham Riverhouse

Sunday 1st March 10:00am-6:30pm

A day of workshops to transform your relationships, sex and intimacy

An astonishing 30-40% of relationships in the UK start flagging sexually over time with couples going without sex for months and years. Perhaps more saddening is that your average adult hasn't been hugged or kissed romantically in more than 200 days. And singletons are craving intimacy but nearly 70% struggle to find a partner to find intimacy with.


This day led by experts Yasmin Ibrahim, Fidel Beauhill and Caroline D’Arcy will transform your love life.

Health and confidence expert Yasmin Ibrahim will head up the first session on how to increase confidence in your intimate relationships. She helps men and women increase inner confidence by building intimate connections to themselves. Her mission is to help couples and individuals experience deeper love, achieve more meaningful relationships, effective communication, creativity and trust which is felt through their personal and professional lives.

Fidel is ‘The Modern Man Coach’, a life and relationship therapist will lead a workshop on sexual polarity between the masculine and feminine and how ‘Opposites Attract’. He enjoys helping clients empower themselves by understand both their masculine and feminine energies. He specialises in working with men who have been through divorce, breakups or mid-life crisis. Fidel believes the polarity between masculine and feminine is critical to starting and maintaining healthy relationships. As these gender roles have become less defined over recent years and while this has come with many benefits, our relationships, in and out of the bedroom, seem to be suffering because of it.

Caroline D’Arcy, the Queen of Sexual Confidence the home of pleasure-infused sex-education for women. and founder of Inti-Mate Caroline is going to share her insights on ‘how to get turned on, and stay turned on by your whole life’. Caroline's mission is helping women to strip away the fear, secrecy and shame around their bodies, sex lives and relationships, and reconnect to their most authentic, confident TURNED ON self. Caroline believes that sexual energy isn't some dirty little secret, it is key to creating your most authentic, confident TURNED ON life.

Yasmin, Fidel and Caroline will head up the panel for two promising Q & A sessions – am and pm.


The day includes lunch and refreshments and there’ll be time for cocktails at the end of play (maybe the beginning of foreplay)

10:00 Arrival refreshments, meet and greet.

10:30 Welcome Introductions to Panel Q&A - compère Suzanne Duckett

11:45 Yasmin Ibrahim "Intimately Confident"

13:15-14:15 Lunch

14:15-15:45 Fidel Beauhill "Opposites attract" 16:00 Break

16:15-17:45 Caroline D'Arcy "The Secret to Never-Ending Turn On"

17:45 Your questions answered with Panel

18:30 cocktails in the bar

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£169 per person

£269 for two

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