how to help your teens with teen yoga - with Charlotta

Wednesday 27th March - 7.00pm - 9.00pm 

You have benefitted from yoga in so many ways. How many times have you thought a/ I wish I had come across yoga when I was younger! or b/ I wish my kids would do yoga to help them through the anxiety they feel! - or both?

Well, Charlotta is here to put that right. The world's leading expert in yoga for teenagers, her book, Teenyoga, came out last August, published by Hachette and has five star reviews on Amazon and Waterstones and she speaks regularly on BBC Radio and sometimes on TV about yoga for young people. She trains educators and medical professionals in how to integrate yoga in their work and is also involved in research on the topic with Westminster, Imperial, Sheffield, Leeds universities and UCL. She trains and works worldwide. In March, she will be visiting Bhuti to help you help your teens in a relaxed and fun session.

With exams coming up, many young people are looking for ways to calm themselves and do as well as they possibly can. With some simple exercises for you to take away, you could introduce yoga to your teen in a way which makes sense to them and gives them an essential toolkit to find calm, harmony and happiness in their crazy world!

This workshop will be one hour and is open to both parents and teens. Come as you are, all exercises can be done in the chair, in normal clothes. There will be some talking and sharing and some practical work. Charlotta will stay a little longer and is more than happy to speak with you after the session has ended.

how to help your teens with teen yoga

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