Guided Meditation with Crystals, Sound + Essential Oils with Justine

Saturday 14th September - 2:00pm - 3.30pm 

Come relax, recharge and restore with an intimate gathering of like-minded souls for a crystal guided meditation, embracing the ancient healing arts of essential oils, crystals, sound and the power of imagination as you are taken on a journey with guiding imagery. You will be led gently within a loving environment as you embark on a magical journey, the words of which are designed to marry with the crystals and invoke the senses, taking you deep within your imagination.

We will start with some very gentle breathwork and inhalation of essential oils to find your stillness, after which you will be offered crystals to choose from which you are invited to mindfully bond with. We then settle into our private cocoon of sacred space as you will be supported in opening up your chakras, before the mindful storytelling begins, taking you on a magical journey which embraces moments of quietness in which essential self-healing takes place and moments of sound, some on a 1:1 basis.

After your journey we rest for a moment, time is given to either share or to just bask in quietness. Approaching the end of the session, crystal cards with messages are offered to take a mental snapshot of guidance and wisdom from before you are grounded and protected for the outside world.


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