Gong Bath with Leo + Sara Cosendai

Saturday 14th January | 1.30-2.30pm

At Bingham Riverhouse

Leo Cosendai is a Swiss sound artist known for sensory experiences that question human perspective. He has worked with Fondation Beyeler, Royal Academy of Arts, London Design Festival, and Pace Gallery. He also founded Third Ear and OM, London's first sound bath destination in South Kensington. 

"Leo Cosendai is the kind of smiling European who makes any abstract concept seem the most logical thing in the world. He is almost astonishly kind and attentive, which is disorientating given that I'm here to interview him"

Portrayed as the future of meditation, sound baths are multi-sensory experiences where one only has to lie down to reap the full of benefits of pausing, digesting and reflecting.

Leo works with instruments such as gongs, bowls, vocal patterns from Mongolia whilst Sara Cosendai takes care of the scent aspect of the experience with resins, herbs and oils to further stimulate your sensory apparatus.

People who attend to Leo's immersions and retreats have reported benefiting from:
Altered states of consciousness
Heightened creativity and intuition
Better ability to cope with stress(es) and anxiety
Deep sleep
Inner and outer stillness

Members £30 | Non-members £40

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