Estelle Bingham's Healing Day Retreat

Sunday 20th June | 3pm-6pm

Estelle Bingham invites you to find more Purpose and Connection in your life as you step onto the bridge of a more deeply connected future.


Described as ‘The Heart whisperer’, Estelle has been supporting others to find more Love, Purpose & Connection in their lives for over 20 years. Fourth-generation psychic and meditating since the age of 6 years old, having learned TM (Transcendental Meditation) the journey of the soul has been an integral part of her life since the very beginning. She is committed to helping others heal, express truth and embrace and embody their true joy and potential.


Rest, Restore and Nourish on this fully immersive day retreat of magical healing. Since Ancient times the Solstice has been a celebration of the Sun and a return to the light. This powerful mid-point in the year is a time of new beginings and offers us the perfect opportunity to reflect, release and reconnect with the light within.


With Meditation, Yoga & Sound we will take a gentle and sacred journey into Heart-Space to revision, create and begin to manifest our hopes and dreams. Discover how to deepen self-love and give permission for heart to speak of its deepest desires and needs.


9.30am - Arrival

10am-11am - Movement, Mantra, Breathwork (yoga) with Sama (bhuti founder)

11am-1pm - Healing, Energy Session, Meditation with Estelle Bingham

1pm-1.45pm - Vegan Lunch

2pm-3pm - Walking Meditation in Richmond Park | Grounding Ceremony

3pm-5pm - Healing, Energy Session, Meditation with Estelle Bingham

5pm-6pm - Sound Healing

Tickets include a nourishing lunch.



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