Signposts from the Universe - The Power of Individuation with Patricia

Wednesday 11th September - 7.00 - 9.00 pm 

This fascinating talk, by Patricia Caldwell Lee, reveals the relevance and importance that Individuation has in our lives today and gives us an understanding that our lives have a divine or cosmic significance.

Individuation- a Jungian term- is a significant adult development process which occurs throughout all adult life giving us a powerful message that we need to develop and differentiate.

As we allow ourselves to individuate we attract change and growth to become who or what we are destined to become.

This talk clarifies the many ways in which individuation makes its presence known and identifies significant indicators: such as synchronistic occurrences; the 7year cycle -whereby from the age of 21 years- every 7 years the nudge to individuate strikes; and what happens if we suppress individuation, which many of us do.

Patricia illustrates this talk, from her book, (Just say Yes to Life, embracing individuation to embrace life), with many amazing examples of those in the public eye who are (or may not be) individuating successfully.

Join us for this talk - a compelling journey of how to discover how to individuate……

Patricia Caldwell Lee is an international speaker, Lecturer and author of Just Say Yes to Life, Embracing Individuation to Embrace Life.

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